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Free Range Bronze Turkeys & Pure Apple Juice
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Ballybryan Bronze Turkeys are a delicious and healthy choice for your Christmas dinner

The advantages include:
  • The Turkeys are reared on our farm and enjoy the freedom of an open range system

  • They are housed in open-sided barns with natural daylight and ventilation, on fresh straw bedding.

  • They are allowed complete freedom, every day, to flock on lush grassland and graze on grass and clover

  • They also have the pickings of leaves and Spanish Chestnuts from a forest plantation.

  • The Turkeys grow at their own rate and slowly mature on the farm attaining the ultimate flavour and texture.

  • Our Turkeys are fed on 90% home grown wheat and oats, free from animal protein or growth promotors.

  • We feed our Turkeys chopped organic cooking apples each day, from our own ancient orchard, to give a unique flavour. In Autumn 2010 we planted a new orchard of 220 native Irish varieties of apple trees for turkeys and human consumption.

  • All our Turkeys are hand-plucked in the traditional way without the use of water, and are hung and matured properly to enhance their flavour before selling. The wing feathers are kept for the fletching of arrows in the sport of archery

  • Animal welfare is of utmost importance to us - the turkeys are killed on the farm where they are reared to avoid the stress of transport to an abattoir.

    Please note: Our Turkeys are NOT de-beaked; this is not necessary with birds that are out every day and happy with their lot.

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    046 9737021 / 086 2909759

    WE DELIVER TO DUBLIN - contact us for details
  Ballybryan Farm , Ballybryan House, Rhode, Co Offaly, Ireland. Phone : 046-9737021 086-2909759 E-mail:

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