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Bronze Turkeys

Turkeys are native to North America and were introduced to Europe by returning explorers in the 16th century. They originally came in two varieties-the Mexican Black and the North American Bronze. These are better known to us today as the American Bronze and the Norfolk Black and are direct decendants of the North American birds.

The wild characteristics of the Bronze/Black turkey make them suitable to the open-range system on our farm.

They are called 'bronze' due to the metallic hue of their feathers in sunlight.


The Turkeys are reared outdoors and fed on home grown wheat and oats leaving the meat very flavoursome and moist even when cold. As an extra treat they are given apples from ancient apple trees on the farm.

Please note, to clear up some misapprehension, that the meat from Bronze Turkeys is WHITE! The FEATHERS are dark but the MEAT is WHITE.

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